Dream. Plant. Grow.


Our Story

The dedication Brooks Landscaping has toward every client didn’t just happen, nor did it happen over night. At age 18, and newly married, I hit the road as a one man show. We began our journey small in numbers but packed largely with determination and dedication. We were committed from the start for each other and those we would have the pleasure of serving. Soon our efforts turned into 15 hour days. Although taxing, they served as an investment into what has become a rich heritage now spanning more than a decade.
Yes, we have seen times change and “landscaping” trucks seem everywhere.  While we applaud the American spirit, this reality makes it harder for potential customers to know whom to choose. With the bar raised, we work hard every day to rise above and stand out.  We believe actions do speak louder than words and being invited back a second, third and…. time, speaks volumes.
We daily seek to add value and hope to earn your trust too.